UNCOVER    lies, pains, or emotional triggers points

When muscles are overused or rarely used, they can become weak, short, or develop trigger points. In the same way, when our emotions are taxed or ignored, we can develop a weak personal stance or become triggered. Often an event relates to an emotion. These can foster positive memories or cause poor wiring in the processes of our mind and ultimately, we become walking wounded. Old voices, apathy, or a lack of knowledge can keep us from moving forward. We develop habits and behavioral patterns that may encourage a comfortable grip on fear or familiarity. This may or may not serve our progress and growth. Sometimes our emotions can become so buried that we aren’t even aware that we are reacting instead of responding -  living with weak, short emotional and spiritual muscles. Over time, this faulty wiring may become too difficult to bear or may cause negative domino effect, limiting our thoughts which translate to our lives, jobs, family life and even our health. It is important to have a safe place to share our feelings or process.

When we know it is time to explore why we are in the situation we are in, or the insecurities or weaknesses we have, having someone with a guide rope can be helpful.  I walk you through how to uncover fears or weaknesses or trigger points. You may need a fresh perspective on your life. You may feel stuck, going nowhere fast. You may want to break free from generational habits. You may want a career change. You may be fearful of the future or feel you lack focus or direction. I will gently inquire if you are open to moving past the pain along with asking permission, I assess the speed at which you want to move past the pain. We may need to slow down or even use a freeze frame approach so that you can get traction in some of the thought processes. We can uncover self-defeating beliefs and explore ways to overcome them. Some examples of defeating beliefs are “I’m a fraud”, "I am afraid I will be discovered as not being worthy”, "I am not enough” "I am inadequate” "I am unlovable” Some counterintuitive behaviors are: Losing self-control, insist on being right, feeling unworthy of the task, sending ambivalent messages feel like we failed. I will help you clean “house” of emotional clutter. Through our sessions together you will learn to recognize and uncover potential trigger points and practice emotional healthier responses. Along with uncovering things that need to be addressed, we also will discover things that continue the healing and thriving process.

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