Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you guide the sessions?
I provide a safe place to “walk” through a conversation and “stop” to explore or discuss anything that may be an emotional incongruence. Using questions, metaphors, and a casual conversational style, we will explore areas that seem stuck or if there seems to be painful.  I may asign “homework” or items to address to create positive habits in time management, conversation techniques, or life skills.

2. Do I need to share all my issues?
You can share whatever is on your mind and heart and go from there. I allow for as much talk or sharing as you feel you need.

3. What do I stand to gain by my sessions?
A paradigm shift can be very powerful. Through the insights and “aha” moments you gain, there will be tangible shifts and changes in your life that take you to new heights in your life, new positive ways of living your truest authentic self. I take you from where you are to where you want to be.

4. What are the sessions like?
I use exploring questions, metaphors, introspections to get at the source of mental and emotional trigger points. A unique form of mental suspension to allow paradigm shifts in thought. You and I work together to reframe people, events, and situations to adopt a healthier frame of mind. 

5. What is your client base?
During my time with my clients, I consider myself a vessel and hold no bias or judgement. Each person is unique and worthy of respect and attention. I work with clients of all faiths.

6. What techniques do you use?
I use an easy, relaxed, exploration with some structure and quided questioning to help find the core issues. EMDR, Neurolinguistic programming, and conversation are a few of the techniques i use.

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