DISCOVER  truth, strength,  and possibilities

You have an idea of what you want and where you want to go but is there something missing? It’s time to discover your strength and voice to create the core of confidence you have always longed for. We all have a natural desire to live congruently with ourselves and with others. We also all have a natural inclination to behave incongruently in ourselves and with others. It may seem overwhelming when you feel the need to make that small change permanent, you have put your foot on the path to homeostasis. We sometimes wonder if we can make a paradigm shift at all. We can. I enjoy leading others in exercises in emotional acuity – helping them rid themselves of unwanted and unnecessary concerns or obsessions things that no longer serve them.

I help others discover and acknowledge their heart cry and core initiatives. I use my gifts to help you find what makes your heart sing. I champion you to overcome that thing or things that hold you back and am dedicated to helping you find your inner voice, and state your goals. Together we discover what is stopping you from moving forward and gain perspective on troubling situations. We find the negative source, or lies, and reframe into nuggets of truth.  We map out plans in pencil, get clear on next steps, and let go of outcomes. Together we create more resources for success and discover ways to live authentically. This process will help identify core strengths, that empower you and move you forward. It is my sincere desire to help you get to the place you want to be.The men who panned for gold at the turn of the century sifted through mud to discover the nugget of gold. I want to build rapport and connect with you so that you can discover core initiatives, possibilities, hope and reasons for becoming a more authentic version of yourself.

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