Skype or Zoom are convenient ways to get the coaching and connection needed while in a setting that is suitable to you and accommodates a busy schedule.

Carolyn Fisher

I’m looking forward to helping you.

Distance isn’t an issue. Skype or Zoom sessions are very effective. Together we arrange a time. I will call you at the agreed upon time. We will share a comfortable pace of conversation in which we will explore areas of your life that are going well, or areas you want to improve. For example, we may find that you ahve challenges in a cerain relationship , or want to overcome insecurities. You may even want to look at a situation with a fresh perspective. Once a client said, “I thought the issue was one thing, but soon realized it to be an entirely different issue and that cleared up the problem. It seemed to just dissolve into thin air. I then approached the event with excitement instead of fear."

During the session, you will need a quiet place with no distractions, and have a pen, note pad, and water available. or call: (619) 251-9710

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