Carolyn Fisher

I’m looking forward to walking with you.

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If you like to move, walk or hike, these sessions are for you. Carolyn will meet with you for a hike, or walk on the beach. Studies show that walking promotes a sense of peace by relaxing the mind releasing brain chemicals, reorganizing brain neurons and help grow new cells, particularly in the hippocampus region relating to memory and cognition. Negative thoughts seem to flow off as walking helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Carolyn uses the principles of applied movement neurology to help the brain move forward when there has been hesitancy or a mental or emotional block. Carolyn uses simple metaphors in the walk to help the mind center its attention on being and mindfulness which promotes peace. Wonderful insights surface as walking boost creative inspiration. Through walking, her clients strengthen their ability to focus and enhance their concentration.

Walking with Carolyn will help you in your life, health and many other areas of your life. You and Carolyn will agree on a place to walk (Lake Murray, Mission Trails or the beach area). You will meet and begin your walking session. The walks will take one hour or more depending on the type of walk or hike.

Fees will be agreed upon before your appointment date. 

Payment due at time of session. PayPal, Cash or Check.  

Please sign and email the Client Coaching Agreement

See what’s on your horizon.