Carolyn Fisher

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

If call or Skype sessions seem too impersonal for you, meeting at a public venue can bring a new sense of connection. You will meet at an agreed upon place and time. Our time together will bring an added dimension to processing what you hear. Through Neurolinguistics Programming and a comfortable question and answer thought process, you can experience a new way of expressing your hopes, plans and intentions.

Meeting can take place at a local coffee house or other non-alcoholic public venue.
(Sorry no bars as alcohol alters the intentions of the sessions).  If meeting place is within the Greater San Diego area, there is no travel fee. 

In Person session. (80.00 per hour) 
Payment due at time of session. PayPal, Cash or Check.  
Please ask regarding discounts for purchasing multiple sessions at one time.

Please sign and email the Client Coaching Agreement

See what’s on your horizon.