Carolyn Fisher

Meet Carolyn

Hi! Thank you for considering me to journey with you.

From time to time, each of us needs a place to bounce off ideas, or find a different perspective, or even someone to help untangle the seeming challenges in which we find ourselves.
Sometimes a presence of strength and insight is what we need. Other times, it is a caring or listening ear. I have walked the path of deep challenges to highest triumphs.
Let me be for you the coach to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
Perhaps you don't even know what you want to move forward in life.
I can help you discover your hearts passions and help set goals to achieve them.
The skill in good life coaching is to empower others to become their most authentic self. Carolyn has a unique understanding of people and how they operate. Her intuitive questioning style draws to the surface emotions and insights that may have been buried from situations long since forgotten. Carolyn couples a deep well of insight with a tender listening hear to provide a safe place to explore new “What ifs”. Carolyn harnesses techniques based on core philosophical principles and intuition, to provide you with the tools to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers.

Using the power of neurolinguistics programming, Carolyn will help you transform your insecurities into personal and professional strengths to help you experience success. Carolyn helps those who want to live a healed and balanced enthusiasm. Those who want to enlarge their sphere of influence.With decades of coaching, presenting, and public speaking experience, Carolyn knows first-hand the struggles of family, marriage, children, careers and has devoted her life to helping others improve their communication and claim their personal power.

The smallest paradigm shifts in the posture of the heart can change the course of a personal life significantly.Are you ready to take your personal and professional life to the next level? The key to improving your personal and professional lives is to become a master communicator. Regardless of your current abilities, your life can be improved by better communication. Carolyn Fisher is a world-renowned athlete, keynote speaker, and communications expert. When you schedule your sessions with Carolyn, you’ll learn powerful techniques that will help you:

• Discover what is stopping you from moving forward
• Clean house of emotional clutter• Become a first-rate communicator
• Respond instead of reacting.• Improve self-confidence and presentation skills
• Increase personal power levels
• Experience more success

Don’t wait to book your session with Carolyn. Spots are limited! Your success is worth the investment. Take a walk with Carolyn – today.

Healing the soul and body through life healing consultation.
We are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, created by God to live entirely before Him in health and hope. Thank you for entrusting me with ministering to you in this way. You have taken an important step towards a healthier, more relaxed life with new insights of strength, freedom and joy! We can uncover what kinds of distractions we have, are they external or internal? Then we can choose how we want to react to it. We can replace our worry with plans. We can declutter and focus on what we need to do.Let’s continue our connection.

See what’s on your horizon.